A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Duece is a new up and coming Hip-Hop artist ready to take on the music industry by storm. He fell in love with music at a young age due to his parents always being around it. By the age of 12, he started writing his own songs and practicing freestyles whenever he had the chance. He was inspired by the names of Kanye West, Nas, DMX, Marvin Gaye, New Birth, Starlito, and Playa Fly.  As years went on, he developed his own record label, BlueMoonMusik, to break away from major labels and make his name known solely being an independent artist.

He started learning how to record, mix and master music in a small closet in his house. Once he was able to master those skills, he then start selling his CDs from out of his own car to make a profit. Along the way, he then learn the ways of producing so he could make his own beats. As the time progress, his small closet became too small for his equipment, so with the money he gain from profit he was able to expand his at-home studio and start his recording studio business to help other independent artists gain the ability to record for a good price.




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